SLIMSPA offers a complete range of safe and effective “over the counter” slimming products using the latest available effective ingredients for their formulations. All the products are manufactured in the USA under strict US FDA GMP standards.

SLIMSPA is committed to educate customers to assist in weight loss, offering a wide range of choices in formulations and applications. Such as Oral supplements for different gender, teas, topicals, drinks and slimming devices.

  • Highly awarded slimming supplement brand with a full line of 11 weight loss SKUs.
  • Oral tablets, transdermal creams and gels, slimming teas and detox tablets.
    SlimSpa is Organic.
  • Slimspa Gold. Exclusively for Indonesian market only:
    New advanced fat lost technology with 100% money back guaranteed

Product of the USA

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SlimSpa Professional Strong


SlimSpa Tea Jasmine

SlimSpa Tea Jasmine

SlimSpa Tea Apple Peppermint

SlimSpa Tea Apple Peppermint

SlimSpa Six Pack

SlimSpa Six Pack for Men