PNKIDS offers a complete range of award-winning health supplements specifically formulated for kids for their nutritional needs. PNKids is ranked as the No.1 Multivitamin brand in Singapore base on AC:Nielsen report and  has been awarded “Top Brand” in the kid’s dietary supplement category. All gummy supplements are manufactured only from premium grade ingredients and strictly without artificial colors or preservatives and do not contain gelatine (specially important for younger children with emerging teeth).

PNKids is committed to promote a healthy lifestyle for all children through proper nutrition.

  • The multivitamins for children ages 2 and above.
  • It contains citrus pectin for improved vitamin absorption.
  • Complete solution for the nutritional needs of children.

Product of USA

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PNKids Fizz Vitamin C 300mg + Zinc Orange

PNKids Fizz Vitamin C 300mg + Zinc Grape

PNKids Defense C 100mg

PNKids Defense C 100mg

Bright Eyes

Strong & Tall

PNKids Strong & Tall-Calcium+D

PNKIDS Brain Power

PNKids Brain Power

Multivitamin + Minerals for Boys

PNKids Multivitamins+Minerals Boys

Multivitamin + Minerals for Girls

PNKids Multivitamins+Minerals Girls

Multivitamin + Minerals for Boys – Sugar Free

PNKids Multivitamins+Minerals Boys sugar free

Multivitamin + Minerals for Girls – Sugar Free

PNKids Multivitamins+Minerals Girls sugar free

PNKids Super Vision Sugar Free

PNKids Super Power

PNKids Super Brain Sugar Free

PNKids Super Brain Sugar Free

PNKids HappyVits C Chewables Peach

PNKids Happy Vita C Chewables Peach

PNKids HappyVits Chewables Blackcurrant

PNKids Super Defense

PNKids Probiotics

PNKids Probiotics 60s

PNKids Prebiotic + Vitamins

PNKids Prebiotics + Mineral

PNKids yrup Multivitamin+Minerals for Boys

Syrup Multivitamin+Minerals for Boys

PNKids Syrup Multivitamin+Minerals for Girls

Syrup Multivitamin+Minerals for Girls

Defense C Dual Action

PNKids Defense C Dual Action