Advisory Board


Cachino Thong

Founder & Managing Director

Health-Online Partner; Certified Counsellor (Action For Aids); Musician & Singer.

“Finally my whole family can enjoy a complete line of nutritional supplements with great affordability”

Cachino is the founder and director of Incontech. Prior to founding Incontech, Cachino was the Partner Consultant to an IT company as well as a Director of a Paramedical healthcare company – HealthOnline. Over the last 10 years, Cachino has successfully developed and build brands to be highly recognized in Singapore and South East Asia. Cachino has always been passionate of being healthy and eating right nutrition, in which Cachino is determined to provide all people to live a healthy life and happy.


Eff Taeger

Founder & Brand Director

“We are committed to quality and integrity, our children are the most important beings in this world”

Eff Taeger is the co-founder and brand Director of Incontech Group.
He is an Influencing brand builder with over 20 years of experience in American and Asian markets, Eff is passionate about quality health products that deliver on their promises, this is our promise to our customers and our children.

Dr. Ricardo Correa

Dr. Ricardo Correa

B.Pharm. MSc. PhD.

Protein Biochemistry
Center for Translational Neuroscience
Incontech medical advisory board member.

Dr. Ricardo is a performance-driven scientist with over 20 years of scientific experience in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, and 15 years of research experience with gene networks and signaling pathways involved in immune response, inflammation, cancer and infectious diseases. With his commitment to his research work, we are honored to appoint Dr. Ricardo as our medical advisory board member.


Carl FFG 051117

Carl Thong

Senior Advisor

Sunstone CEO & Momenta Group MD

Certified Coach and Musician & Guitarist

Carl is the chairman of Sunstone, a holding company with businesses in healthcare, consumer goods and technology. He started his career as a biotech consultant working on FDA and medical technology transfer. Carl has consulted for some of the leading biotech, healthcare and medical firms. He has an MA in Theology from University of Northwestern – St. Paul and is completing his doctorate in strategic leadership.


Delly Chan

Delly Chang

Senior Advisor

Food Specialist; Owner & Baker of Chang’s Bakery

Senior Consultant 90.90 FM-Radio Station

Chairman Teachers Association in Indonesia Mandarin

Delly Chang has worked in the food industry since 1971 as a retailer, food specialist, baker and a producer of nutritions. Delly’s passion in food nutrition instigate her first formula in 1980s in which to nourish and support the body in its natural return to harmony and good health, were created originally for family, friends and clients. These formulas are now nearly 100 products offered today, are designed to be synergistically complete. They contain all the nutrients in the right amounts plus the proper combinations to produce optimal results.